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Hello everyone,



We have had a ton of success with using Zoom for online meetings so far. We had a peak of 34 users on for the Noon meeting earlier.


On the sign up sheet, we have every morning meeting, noon meeting, and almost every late night meeting with a chair person signed up, which is incredible. 


The Tuesday night beginner meeting will be held online.


 We are posting contact lists, zoom info, and resources for newcomers on the door at Summer Street Church as well as the Drop-In center. There were only five people in attendance this past Tuesday. 



Here are the links that you would help a ton to chair a meeting, these are all recommended and you are able to run it however you'd like. 


What you would do with these links is post them into the chat on zoom and ask people to read from them. Or you can ask them to read from the big book or if they own the readings that works as well! We are all learning here, and don't be afraid to ask for help! 



I'm going to need to add accounts to the Nantucket AA Zoom account so that anyone can open the room and become the host. If you are chairing a meeting or would like the ability to open the room yourself, please respond to this and send me an email and I will add you. 


To become the host, you will need to be inside the zoom meeting, then click on participants, then click on "Claim host" and type in code which you can get by calling  Tucker H (508-221-6806 or Mike D (508-221-7916

I recommend asking someone to be the co-host and have them monitor microphones and mute people as needed. You would need to then click on participants, click on their name, and make the person you wish to co-host the host. It can get quite noisy if people leave there mics on accidentally and we will be unable to hear whoever is sharing. 


If you would like any technical help we have some people who are getting quite familiar with using Zoom, ask away in chat or send an email! 


Here is the contact list which will be posted physically at the Drop-In and around the island. Only add your number if you are OK with it being passed around.


We are all learning and figuring this out together. Have patience and an open mind, and let's reach out and bring as many members together as we can. 


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or thoughts, please send us an email or reach out to Tucker H (508-221-6806) or Mike D (508-221-7916).


If you'd like to be removed from this email list, please email me back and I will remove you. 





Tucker H